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Money S5: References and case studies


Industy reference to the information system

--GT-accounting, Ltd. "The implementation of the Money S5 fulfilled all our requirements for a new system. Specifically, it has been possible to increase a speed of loading documents, processing and printing accounting reports, even under full load system in access for all users. I also appreciate an overall user-friendliness and clarity of Money S5, through which managed to move to a new system very quickly and with minimal operator training. "(Tomáš Tehlár, CEO)


Accounting Headquarters - the absolute winner of the IT Product of the Year 2011 in the category of information systems


Greatly facilitate a work describes Ing . Tehlár Thomas, CEO of GT - accounting „Accounting Module headquarters for us meant multiple acceleration of the whole work. Not all of our clients could or wanted to use our terminal servers, and so we usually had their documents manually convert. What we rewrote several hours or days, today flies the Internet in a few minutes. significantly higher comfort appreciated by our customers - we do not have to awkwardly carry stacks of paper documents or deliver data to a flash drive and then wait for a process to begin again to take primary documents . "



Practical experience with a surplus „surplus, new accounting software module Money S3, filled my idea of a modern and progressive accounting, which saves time and nerves to their users. Fundamental economic discovery operation balance, ie the liabilities, claims and payment, taking up too much time and because our society GT -accounting, Ltd., handles relatively broad agenda with many accounts and business partners. The whole process seemed earlier so that I can print a report Balance, which automatically paired items belonging to him and took a final account balance of the company. Even a print dozens of pages was not pleasant, then in addition followed by manual transcription, repair incorrectly specified variable symbols, pencil and crossed out another lengthy repairs. After all, it was necessary to enter back into the system ... A procedure must be repeated over and over until such time as a report was finally right. Ordinary balance while saving on labor, but it is very time consuming and accuracy, each result of inattention delay by at least one print Balance more. "
„The surplus on the other hand works on- line in real time. On a computer monitor continuously see paired symbols and bills and is going through a normal list. Once you find an error, I can fix it immediately or in a recording directly to a specific document, including an ability to change the payment document - Money S3 automatically reflect  changes in the list of surplus. The idea of today should continue to work only with the standard module Balance, it seems to me utterly unrealistic. "
„The surplus allows me to obtain analytical information from multiple financial years at a time without even having to switch between different years the agenda (for example, profitability typically orders across multiple financial years and a possibility of breakdown intervals of - week, month, quarter, etc.). These analytical information can be obtained for any combination of the following variables accounting journal, account ID, matching symbol, date, center, and contract work. "
„Personally, I think that surplus saving time not only financial, but can be a very good tool for managers and business managers. Of course there are printouts and export options to Excel for further processing of any user. The above-mentioned functions surplus are universally applicable, as well as an overview of the solvency of individual trading partners. "
„The surplus would I be part of the economic system of all large companies with challenging financial agenda. “
Ing . Tehlár Thomas, director of accounting and tax GT -accounting, Ltd

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With a focus on quality, accuracy and speed of data processing clients. Disadvantage for us, but a lengthy rewriting their documents in an information system.
Then we tried an online billing and have made significant improvements. Clients conveniently billed to the cloud and import their data is a matter of minutes.
Ease of use, speed and connection with our information system makes our work easier and give a competitive advantage. I can recommend the service to all clients of accounting firms.


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