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About us

"We provide quality, fast and discreet service at a high professional level ..."

Welcome to the website of the GT-accounting, Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Ltd.

The company operates on the market since 1992. In 2005, all activities were transferred from the individual to the successor entities - GT-accounting, Ltd. and, Ltd.
The goal of both companies is to facilitate the complex issue of tax, accounting and pitfalls of various fiscal and economic problems. Find an optimal solution in relation to the tax laws and understandable way to familiarize the client with an economic state of the company.

The main contents of both companies is:

  • Supply management accounting.
  • Tax records
  • Tax records, ie, from receipt of documents, processing them until after a conclusion of the financial year to prepare tax returns.
  • Of course there is an issue of continuity of processing complex payroll, tax and business advisory and drafting documents for business loans and optimizing accounting firms within the boundaries that determine the tax laws.
  • Representing clients in negotiations with tax authorities and other institutions.
  • Provision of audit services.
  • An integral part is also selling software, hardware and operation of terminal servers.
  • GT Brno company, Ltd provides complex accounting and tax services for private health organizations - accounting and tax accounting practitioners and dental laboratories.

We provide the following services:

Clients of GT-accounting, Ltd. companies are small and medium companies in a turnover of CZK 250 million / year. 

Accounting processing is performed on software quality economic S3 Money, Money S4, S5 Money from CÍGLER SOFTWARE Inc.  

GT-accounting, Ltd. and subsidiary, Ltd. is registered in the Chamber of Tax Advisers and also has liability insurance.

Consult with us with your requirements and we will help you choose a best combination of services that will bring maximum benefit at minimum cost!



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